Perspective 2: Band Aid TV Skit Advertisement Script

Brad the Brand Name Band Aid: Uh oh.. I can hear little Mac crying outside


Generic  Gene Band Aid: Ohhh.. noooo.. does it sound… badddd?


Brad the Brand Name Band Aid: (snickers to self, regains composure, sounds serious) Yepp… it sounds like a pretty bad cut. Or maybe a bruised bone, or maybe… a broken Finger!!

Generic Gene Band Aid: (shivers more, apparent in voice) Ohhh. Nnnnoooo, I hope M-m-mama Dukes doesn’t grab for me!!

Brad the Brand Name Band Aid: (trying to contain himself from bursting out in laughter) I dunno, but I can hear her coming. You Here that Gene? Best cross your fingers, I think I heard someone say bleeding…

Generic Gene Band Aid: Blooood?!?! Oh dear Lord please don’t choose me, please don’t choose me… (continues to mutter to self as shivering turns into minor convulsions)

(creeeek, the door opens, Generic Gene falls silent and still)

Brad the Brand Name Band Aid: (whispers)Here’s the moment of truth…

(Gene Faints before the sound of toilet flushing)

(Brad bursts into laughter and goes back to sleep with a smile on his face, accompanied by a slight aire of unfulfilled potential)

Narrator: Don’t be scared over a little wound, band Aids are built tough, and they’ll make you feel like a man after the nastiest wounds.


About thesunlightspectrum

Richmondian writer, political activist, and urban explorer. Based in Richmond, VA (VCU)
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