Passion 4: Trojan/ Band Aid Collaboration

In accordance with Trojan’s new Hot and Cold sensations condoms, I thought a similar sensation would feel nice emanating from a Band Aid, for therapeutic reasons. Also, there’s a story behind this one. In my Freshman year at VCU, my roommate applied to receive 400 Trojan condoms in the mail. Well, he won the contest, and it was his job to distribute them on and off campus to young people who look like they could use them. I think a similar campaign for band Aids could work for elementary or kindergarten students, and hey maybe even some poor college kids wouldn’t mind a few free Band Aids for that night when you’re accompanied by one too many brews on the trip inducing sidewalks of Richmond on your way home.. especially with the new Hot and Cool Sensations Band Aids (TM)


About thesunlightspectrum

Richmondian writer, political activist, and urban explorer. Based in Richmond, VA (VCU)
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